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Vaastu Shastra


A treasure of ancient Indian wisdom, the Vedas in the Sanskrit have laid down plethora of rules, which if followed under expert guidance, can render building construction of alteration of the existing buildings, most auspicious and propitious to the native. As a corollary one might say, with impunity, that violation of these rules, though in ignorance, would lead to nothing but misfortune and would hamper the native's progress. The Astrologer helped numerous clients from VIPs and celebrities down to commoners and from big industrialists to businessmen in various ways, like bestowing prosperity though 'Vaastu' planned construction of houses, shops, and industrial establishments. The most amazing part of it all is that the desired results come almost instantaneously, as if by magic. Unbelievable though, it is true, as the numerous beneficiaries would vouch for.




It is found that much depends on the selection of a suitable house and locality. It is seen, in every day life that a person goes on comfortably and steadily, then makes a move and is often ruined or else is ill and dies has bereavement and infact the move seems evil in every way and to upset him terribly.

It is true that others move and everything prospers with them, and fortune attends them in every way. There are no doubts some direction operating at the time either for good or evil, but if one gets into a bad locality then the good directions are much weakened and the bad ones are made stronger.

Vaastu Shilpa Shaastra, the ancient mystic science and art of designing and constructing buildings finds its origin in STAPTAYA-VEDA, which in turn is a part of Yajur-veda, one of the four Vedaas. Astrology and Vaastu have common ground. Predictive Astrology (Phalit Jyotish) deals with temporal events governed by kala (time). Vaastu on the other hand deals with spatial events specifically. The Lord Vaastu is the creator Brahma. Brahma, the creator is Vastoshpati. Rig Veda 754, which means to protect us from all sides. It is a request made by human beings to God to bless his cattle wealth, he and his relatives. Vastoshpati means protect us, give us happiness in this world and spiritual happiness in life after death.

Properly designed and pleasing house will be an abode of good health, wealth, intelligence, children, peace, happiness and will redeem one from debt of obligations. All houses, villages, towns and cities shall be built according to Vaastu Shaastra. Negligence of which will result in unnecessary travels, bad name, loss of fame, sorrows and disappointments.

The construction of a house has to be in accordance with the Vaastu Shastra, some of our technical experts are prone to ignore the principles laid down in our shaastra. The actual builders like masons, laborers and others know better than these self styled planners. Our Architects should consult an Astrologer who is well versed in Vaastu Shastra and in the interest of human beings and their lives, our technicians should receive knowledge in traditional V.S. Vaastra, a treasure house of knowledge relating to dwellings of all sorts covering house of God and humans. A particular individual say an owner of a house or a plot is usually identified with a dwelling. Thus, an instant equation or a relationship is established between the horoscope of the individual and the physical dwelling i.e. the house or a building. These two components are inter-related, inter-dependent, and intertwined. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that the best of construction based on Vaastu alone will not be a magic wand in that case only if the horoscope has non negative indications, then can one accept the Vaastu to smoothen many bumpy aspects of life into tolerable ones. One can get best results by integrating the modern discipline with the Vedic treasure house of information and knowledge i.e. Vaastu. Ramayana and Mahabhaaratha tells us about Mayasabha built by Maya and Indraprasha by Viswakarma, the celestial architect who had also built Dwarka at the behest of Lord Krishan.

Though it is not possible to adopt Vaastu in a construction totally but by doing small changes in the existing construction, one can make best use of this treasure house and knowledge and get relieved of the evil forces which are acting against the good health, wealth and prosperity of the owner and the persons living in that house or building. It is not always necessary that one should change his house or dismantle the whole construction. Sometimes by just changing the sleeping position helps a lot or sometimes by just changing the sitting position in the office helps to increase the production of the business. It is seen in many cases that by opening a single window in one direction brings change in the life of a person or by just filling a pit near the house or by just closing a door in a direction or by removing a plant from a particular place brings good health. Sometimes big changes are also quite necessary which removes evil forces from the dwellings and the person living there. There are no hard and fast rules about this that the East-opening plot will suit to all. But it is true that the plot having East opening will get more energy to the dwellers of that house or building. Sometimes it is seen that East direction suits to person for making house but for business purpose the direction towards West suits him better. Sometimes by just changing the colour of the curtains, sitting position at the time of earting and by changing the furniture of the office brings tremendous changes in the life of the dweller. Vaastu Shaastra is the real Architect in constructing buildings and houses. By adopting the principle of Vaastu Shastra in the construction work, one can live happily in this world and also after this world in heaven. The lord, the Vaastu is after all the creator Brahma.


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