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Whether we realize it or not we all go through life bearing with us a special set numbers. Men who have made long and profound studies of such things tell us that these numbers play a very important part in our lives, creating powerful influences over our actions and also giving us clues about our future. In fact, all numbers fare said to possess a peculiar power over human affairs. This influence comes from the mystical vibrations, which each number radiates, much as a radio station sends out unseen and unfelt vibrations into surrounding space. And since we are constantly coming into contact with numbers in our daily lives, it is natural that we should be directly affected by them for better or for worse. However, the most important numbers to us are the special ones, which are perpetually connected with us. They are the numbers of our name and our birth date, and it is considered extremely important that they should be in harmony with us and we with them, if we are to achieve success and happiness.


Each number between 1 and 9 is said to possess certain special meanings and to give off vibrations that exert a particular kind of influence over us. Since every letter of the alphabet has been given a numerical value, it is possible to add together the letter values in your name so as to arrive at certain basic sums or numbers. On the basis of these you are then able to make predictions about you future and to guide yourself in decisions concerning such matters as love, business, etc. The number values of the alphabet are as follows:

A-1 B---2 C---3 D---4 E-5 F---6 G---7 H----8 I---9 J----1 K---2 L----3 M---4 N---5 O---6 P---7 Q---8 R---9 S----1 T----2 U-3 V----4 W----5 X----6 Y---7 Z---8 In analyzing your name there are three numbers to look for: A-The personality Number. This governs or modifies your relationships with those about you and has particular significance in matters of love and friendship.

B--- The Vocational Number. This is associated with your occupation in life. If it is in harmony with the type of work you are doing. Whether that be in commerce or one of the professions or in the home, then it will be a help to you in every undertaking. If it is not in harmony, however, it will act as a brake upon your efforts and tend to hinder you in your accomplishments.

c-The destiny number. This may also be referred to as your Monogram Number, since it is obtained from the initials of your name. It has an important influence upon the general good or bad fortune in your life and should be harmonious with your fundamental character or what is sometimes called your psychological type.


To find your personality Number you must use the name by which most of your friends and acquaintances call you. If your given name is Patricia but most of your friends call you pat, then you will find your personality Number in pat, not in Patricia. For it is the influence which the name pat has over you that affects you most frequently in your daily associations with those about you. Let us see how to find Pat's personality Number. Consulting the foregoing table of the alphabet we find that p is 7, A is 1 T is 2. Add these three numbers together-7 plus 1 plus 2 equals 10. This sum must be reduced to a single number, so we add together the two digits -1 plus 0-, and the total is 1. This 1 is Pat's personality number. In finding any one of the three numbers in your name. Always add the letters together until you reach a single number between 1 and 9. Let us take another example, the name Rita. The number values are as follows; R---9, I---9, T----2, A---- 1. The total is 21. Add the two digits together-2 plus 1 equals 3. Rita's personality Number is 3. Thus in pat's case the number 1 has a special influence on her relationships with her friends, her family and with her boy friend. With Rita it is 3 which is constantly affecting the way she gets along with people in her social life By consulting the table of personality numbers which follows both pat and Rita can learn what sorts of influence their names are having upon them. It may be that their personality Numbers are not completely in harmony with their own individual personalities. A glance at the table will show that Number 3 radiated vibrations of a subdued, thoughtful nature and is not favorable to jollity and high spirits. It may be that Rita is a sociable girl and is fond of parties and dancing and good times. In that case it would be wise for her to alter the spelling of her name slightly, or possibly to adopt an entirely new name which is more in harmony with her personal likes and dislikes, By substituting an E for the I in her name, She can adopt 8 as her personality number, which is much more favorable to one who likes fun and good company. It may help her in capturing more quickly the attentions of the young man on whom she has set her heart. At any rate 8 will not tend to drive away admirers as 3 inevitably will do.

Table of personality Numbers

  1. This is a very friendly number. It is conducive to enthusiasm and good spirits. For a person who is naturally sociable and warm-hearted it strengthens and enhances these qualities, while with shy and retiring natures it helps to overcome timidity and lends encouragement to friendly instincts. While it assists in creating admirers and loyal followers it likewise intensifies the hatred of enemies. The person dominated by this personality number is likely to be the center of a large circle of friends. IN matters of love this number makes for powerful affections in which there is the danger of possessiveness and a tendency to dominate the partner unduly.
  2. The influences of this number produce a very romantic disposition, with the affections very easily stirred. It is favorable to love affairs - many of them - in which the spiritual element is dominant. The number also enhances one's powers as a conversationalist and makes for general affability and friendliness. It helps in attracting friends, for it brings out the traits of tactfulness and kindness and suppresses tendencies toward bickering and sarcasm, It makes its subjects particularly sensitive to criticism and in general radiates a gentle, amiable spirit.
  3. Three is a gay and happy number and promotes an atmosphere of good feeling and generosity. Persons under this influence are, therefore, always-welcome company and eager to lend a helping hand or cheer up those who have the blues. If one's personality is not a very social one to begin with, the number 3 tends to lessen shyness and make it easier to strike up new acquaintances. It promotes a spirit of joyous comradeship, which is very hard to resist. In matters of love it is conducive to a very deep, passionate nature and it does not favor light or passing affections.
  4. The influence of this number is not very helpful in social affairs, for it is inclined to foster a "business before pleasure" attitude which is not entirely favorable to making friends and striking up new acquaintanceships, persons under its influence are sometimes tempted to bury themselves in their work because they consider the pleasure or pleasure of good company to be a waste of time.
  5. Hence for a person who is basically shy this number is not at all encouraging. In matters of love and produces caution and hesitation which would prove an asset (acting as a balance wheel ) only in connection with a headstrong, fiery disposition.
  6. This number bestows the gift of great personal charm, and it favors activity and gaiety, which are notable social attributes. Thus under the influence of 5 friends are made easily and hearts are won with little or no effort. But this is far from an ideal influence, for it also promoted a changeable, unstable nature, and persons who are completely dominated by 5 are usually notoriously fickle. Their warm-hearted, which seems so irresistible at first, cannot be counted on to last; they alternate constantly between enthusiasm and indifference. And are likely to leave a frail of broken hearts wherever they go.
  7. This is the number of loyalty and devotion. It acts as a check on the person whose affections are likely to stray and it reinforces the home-loving, steadfast qualities of the domestic type. It promotes thoughtfulness in personal relationships and he who lives under its influence is apt to win many true friends because of his helpful, considerate manner. Though it does not ordinarily favor general merry-making, 6 does favor a quiet sociability. It is an ideal number for parenthood, since it brings faithfulness and unselfish love, and it sheds a very benign influence upon marriages in general.
  8. This in not a sociable number. It is best suited to those of a serious, thoughtful disposition. Who actually prefer to live by themselves much of the time. Although it confers no ability for making new friends, it does favor a few deep and lasting friendships, and persons under its sway should cultivate these carefully, lest they live too completely the solitary, hermit live. The number 8 offers no assistance where tactfulness is required, consequently those who are affected by it often blunder and do things which are generally misunderstood by those about them.
  9. Like number 7 this number does not confer any great amount of fact, but it does radiate a spirit of determination which, in matters of love and friendship, often goes far in overcoming bad first impressions and in ultimately winning the affections of the desired person. "Faint heart never won fair lady" seems to be the motto of those influenced by 9, for oftentimes they fall in love with someone above them in social position, marry against the advice of all their friends, and achieve great happiness with their chosen partners when all the odds seemed to be against them. However, with persons in whom they are not particularly interested, they are frequently abrupt and uncivil.
  10. Persons who are influenced by this number are subject to very intense emotions. When in love their affection is fierce and deep, and they are never happy when paired with a person whose devotion is light or changeable. They make friends easily, being endowed by the number with considerable personal magnetism. Their greatest danger lies in the ardent and passionate nature which 10 favors. Unless kept in hand it can be a destructive force, overpowering the will and judgment of the individual.

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