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Gold Water

Gold is a precious yellow metal, exhaustively used for making ornaments and is a symbol of exquisite beauty. Gold metal, which is thought of as an ornament has now a lot to offer to the world. Ayurveda (Ancient Indian medicine system) tells us that thousands of years ago the holy saints devised a formula to convert the metal gold in the liquid from which is soluble in water & served as a medicine for noble kings to provide immense energy, vigor, youth & also cure a lot of diseases & Disorders.

Uses of Gold Water Drops

  1. Regular use of few Drops of Gold water prevents Heart Attacks & other Cardiac problems.
  2. Prevention of Cancer is possible by Consuming Gold water.
  3. Gold water Drops are the best remedy for irregular Menstrual Cycle & other Gynecological problems as well as Hysterical attacks.
  4. Drops of gold water are the only cure for Epilepsy.
  5. Gold water is the best medicine for Liver & kidney problems.
  6. Drops of Gold water is the only permanent cure for Impotency, it also sustain Youth & vigor & keeps the skin beautiful.
  7. Drops of Gold water keeps the Blood Pressure in control also purify Blood.
  8. Gold water Drops prevents Falling of Hair.
  9. Gold water Drops is the best remedy for Drug Addicts & other Bad Habits.
  10. Nervous System Disorder can be cured by consuming Drops of Gold water.

Confluence of so many talents together at one place is not merely coincidental, nor is it a miracle or magic. Kamala does not believe in 'tantra mantra' or magic. Her expertise is rather due to her being erudite in her field as also to her wide experience, coupled with intuition. Her conviction is that all this has been possible due to sheer Grace of god. She teaches how to plan a native's destiny, or in other words, to change one's future according to one's wishes. This is a message of peace and succor to the world community at large.


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