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Jupiter. This is said to be associated with success. Persons born under its influence will be aided in business affairs and will be favored in matters pertaining to money. An ability to acquire and manage property and wealth is implied. Jupiter confers mounting ambitions and a broad and wise outlook upon life. If its influence is excessive it may lead to fast and high living, with the danger of extravagance and wastefulness, not only of material things but of spiritual powers and physical energy. It bestows upon its subjects the gift of friendship and the admiration and esteem of their fellows. Jupiter's people are fond of material comforts and are made unhappy if they are completely denied the luxuries of life. They assume responsibility easily and have a gift for directing the lives of other people without arousing resentment. They are endowed with good minds and have a keen appetite for sensual pleasures -eating and drinking and easy living. They do not possess great power of resistance when confronted by temptation. As a result they may sometimes yield to dishonorable activities while occupying positions of authority, and as a result may suffer grave reversals of fortune. When Jupiter people succeed they do so on a large scale, and their failures or defeats are equally impressive. Knowledge of these influences should help them to conduct their lives so as to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

The Sun. The Sun endows its subjects with a love of beauty and definite talents in the arts which can be developed so as to bring them great fame and fortune. They are generally lucky in games of chance or commercial enterprises that involve a certain amount of risk. As the Sun is the golden orb of day, it is as if its subjects had the gift of the golden touch. The make money easily but since they do not possess shrewdness in the handling of large sums, they are liable to lose their wealth as quickly as they obtained it. They can easily be victimized by unscrupulous persons and should always seek the counsel of others in decisions affecting financial affairs. They are usually happy and warmhearted and draw to them friends as a magnet draws iron. They have to learn not to confide in strangers, whom they are unable to imagine as being less honorable and upright than they are. They are destined for honors and prominence and lime to receive attention and admiration. They have to guard against a tendency to "show off," a failing which sometimes proves to be their undoing, either alienation the friendship of influential people or leading them to unwise and reckless actions. The force of their personalities will carry them far in life, but they should avoid the temptation to run other people's lives for them without first being asked. They are especially successful in any work, which calls for untiring energy and great activity. Knowledge of these influences should help them to conduct their lives so as to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

Mars. - Persons born under the influence of Mars are primarily men and women of action. Mars does not produce a reflective, thoughtful type in which the intellect dominates. They are inclined to be either suspicious or contemptuous of learning or mental activity, and this is unfortunate since it often hinders them from recognizing a dangerous and cunning adversary. They are brave to the point of foolish recklessness and can be lured into perilous activities by flatterers who wish to do them harm. They are not given to beating about the bush, but always speak their minds frankly and without reservation, totally unconcerned about whether they have made enemies by so doing. They are absolutely trustworthy when they have given their word and they are likewise relentless when they are seeking revenge. It is difficult to reason with them, and their temper, which Is violent and liable to lead them into the gravest difficulties, is easily aroused by opposition. They have to guard against boastfulness and offensive manners.

Devoted to their friends and loved ones, they are fierce in their, hates. In love Mars produces a violent passion, which is often excessive in every way and can easily repel persons of finer sensibilities, a fact which Mars people always have great difficulty in understanding. A knowledge of these influences should help them to conduct their lives so as to reap its benefits and avoid its pitfalls.

Saturn-This planet casts an unpleasant influence. It fosters melancholy and depressed spirits. It begets doubts and suspicions, and torments the minds of its subjects with countless fears and worries. It helps to bring out many qualities, which we so not admire in human nature- miserliness, trickery, deceit, cruelty. That is not to say that person born under its influence is necessarily guilty of these things. It merely indicated that there is a force in their lives, which often works for evil and for which they must be on the lookout continually. They should resist even the slightest temptation to give way to these influences. When they are plagued with their black moods. The subjects of Saturn should never plan to undertake anything of any importance. Rather they should wait until the spell subsides, for if they attempt anything while it hovers over them, nothing but failure will result. Saturn also has a better side. It gives strength of purpose and determination and thus is a decided asset when one is confronted with one of life's graver problems. It produces certain skepticism of mind, which gives its subjects a shrewd insight into many things, which might fool other people who are not so gifted. If Saturn helps to create schemers and plotters it also assists those who wish to lay plans for the future of a constructive nature.

Knowledge of these influences should help the Saturn subject to reap the benefits of his planet and avoid its pitfalls.

Mercury- This planet favors an alertness of mind and body and endows its subjects with quick wit and keen insight. It has a sort of chameleon nature in that, in addition to its own powers, it reinforces the influence of whatever planet it accompanies. Thus if there are a number of unfavorable traits in one's makeup, Mercury helps to bring them out. The same is true with one's strong points. In a way Mercury is a youthful planets. It lends vitality and quickness and a ready aptitude for learning new things even late in life. Its subjects are able to enter a wide variety of activities because they have an adaptable and versatile nature. Mercury people are excellent in arguments and are usually able to win their points by the sheer brilliance of their discourse, even when they are completely in the wrong. This trait can consequently be turned to evil uses and used in tricky and deceitful enterprises. At its best this attribute of mercury people produces eloquent orators and adapt politicians and diplomats. The subjects of this planet are very clever in commerce and industry and have a talent for amassing wealth. They can often take a business, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, and by brilliant management turn it into a veritable gold mine. In combination with Saturn, the influence of this planet is bad and is liable to lead to gigantic swindles or illegal practices. Mercury people have to learn to make up their minds for themselves and not to be influenced too easily by others. Knowledge of these influences should help them to conduct their lives so as to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

The moon- The Moon has a remarkably stimulating effect upon the imagination and consequently endows its subjects with one of the primary requisites for a career in the fine arts, However, it also produces restlessness and dissatisfaction, probably because it stimulated daydreaming and wishful thinking. Those under its influence are liable to change their minds all too frequently, never being able to make a decision and stick to it. They often drift from one occupation to another, and they seldom remain settled in one spot for any great length of time. Since the moon is the planet which is closest to the earth, its influence is felt by its subjects very intensely, and its power over them is especially pronounced when it is in the full. Moon people should be particularly wary of making decisions during the time of the full moon, for their mind will not be free then to act unhampered.

The moon has a favorable effect on its subjects in regard to travel. It also confers special aptitude for businesses having to do with liquids, the ocean, or rivers. It is also said to favor aviators and all who travel by air. Moon people are apt to be easily disturbed in their minds and should not subject themselves to severe mental strain for any great length of time.

Venus- Next to Jupiter this is one of the most favorable of all the planets. It endows its subjects with fine taste and discrimination which fits them for many occupations having to with the production of the so-called luxury goods Venus people are also artistically inclined, though unlike the subject of the Sun, they are not so much gifted as creators of art as they are blessed with a keen appreciation for the beautiful. This enriches their lives and can be the source of great happiness for them. They should cultivate one of the arts as a hobby or pastime if their everyday life is not connected with artistic things. Venus people are excellent "mixers." Everywhere they go they are welcome and they make friends easily and keep them forever. They are seldom quarrelsome and are generally genial and sociable. This characteristic is, in its way, a form of weakness, since it is always hard for a Venus subject to put his foot down and insist on getting what he knows he should have. The planet favors warm and abiding love and makes for a pleasant domestic life and a home filled with cheer and good will. The subjects of Venus make very good parents, taking pride and satisfaction in their children. They are inclined to spoil them, however, by being too easygoing and indulgent. In fact the moist serious flaw in the true Venus character is the easygoing carelessness, which lacks real force and drive. Knowledge of these influences should help the Venus subject to reap the benefits of his planet and avoid the pitfalls.

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