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REIKI is a very effective stress reliever. REIKI originates in Tibet thousand of years ago. The Tibetan monks had mastered the science and art of tapping Universal life Force Energy for man's use in healing and self-transformation to eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment.

REIKI was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian theological scholar and teacher, who in mid 1880's, after responding to a challenge from several of his graduate students about how Jesus healed, undertook an extensive study of the healing phenomena of history's greatest spiritual leaders. In the Buddhist writings he found the REIKI healing technique and spent the latter part of his life applying and teaching this knowledge. REIKI reached the western world in the late 1970's through Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Since then millions of people have received REIKI worldwide. REIKI is a holistic therapy that addresses the body mind and spirit, going beyond symptoms to treat the root cause of the disease. It helps us maintain balance in our own health and that of others. Regular use of REIKI greatly accelerates and promotes the healing process and regeneration of tissue, and is capable of improving the quality of one's life to an amazing degree.

REIKI cannot be learnt form a book or by instruction. The activation of REIKI in your hands occurs only though a process referred to as an 'ATTUNEMENT' or 'INITIATION'.

Which is given by a Reiki Master.

An important difference between REIKI and other effective energy therapies is that, once it has been activated in your hands, you have it for life and you are able to treat yourself.

REIKI is simple, safe, non-intrusive as no aids, diagnosis or medicines are required. It can be used any time, any place and in any situation.


  • Just for today. I will not be angry.
  • Just for today. I will not worry.
  • Just for today I will do my work honestly.
  • Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing and honour my elders.
  • Just for today, I will show gratitude to everything and give thanks for my many blessings.

'Astrology for all'

Every one is very eager to know about future. He/She even wants to improve his/her present wants that every work should be successful. But planetary positions are such that all the works are not successful. If one controls and dominates these planetary powers according to needs, then it may happen that every work of a person is successful in each front. It is like this instead we being controlled by these different planets, we through our attitude and behaviour should make these planets favorable to us as and when we require them to be.

This process has been further explained here under: -

  • If we want that the planet 'Sun' becomes favorable to us, we should try and make our 'father or like' a little happy. We should respect him and give him a good regard. This action of ours would definitly improve our relationship with the planet sun and it in turn would give us lot of Name, Fame and power which we actually wanted.
  • If we want that the planet 'Moon' becomes favorable to us, we should give respect to our 'mother or like'. This action of ours would bring the planet Moon a little friendly and inturn would give us a good Family Environment, Mental peace etc.
  • If we respect our 'Brothers and Sister' and make the relation more happy and strong the planet 'mars' would become favorable and it inturn would give us some success in the matters of Property, Power.
  • If the relationship with our 'Friend circle' improves, the planet 'Mercury' becomes friendlier to it and us inturn would give us a better position in the fields of Employment, Business, job, Traveling etc.
  • If the relation with the 'Husband or the Wife' is good or improved upon the planet 'Venus' becomes friendlier to us and it improves our situation with Comforts, Luxury and Wealth etc.
  • If the relationship with the 'Guru' is improved upon the planet 'Jupiter; is in our favour and it inturns gives a better position with Religion, Age, Children etc.
  • Finally, If our relation with the 'Servant / Employees' is good the planet improves the situation in relation to foreign Travel, Tenancy problems, Court Cases etc. What I want to say is if things are not according to what has been explained, then the position of the respective planet is inimical currently and unless the relationship is improved upon, success in the respective work may not be achieved. The gist of the whole article is that we should try to make each and every friend and relative happy to get an over all success in each and every front of life.

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