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Metaphysical Visualization



Visualisation is among the most powerful tools one possesses to influence reality.

In my work with creative visualization and imaging over the last five years, I have become firmly convinced that each of us is in a unique position to create or reshape our own futures. Not all techniques, which I have studied, however, can effectively metamorphose the future with equal potency. As I have worked with and developed a variety of methodologies over the past several years, the refinement process weeded out less promising methods. I was eventually left with three sets of intuitive enhances that continually demonstrated a high degree of success. These were formulating affirmations, ways to use affirmations, and concrete expression of visual images. All these were utilized in conjunction with intensive visualization in meditation and while in the conscious state. They can be employed to energize and empower the probable futures that you have elected to become part of your destiny. Futures received with a negativistic result can be ruled out and replaced with more desirable and rewarding sets of circumstances. The three psychic enhances are reviewed below thus enabling you to reprogramme and revitalize your future as your destiny choses.

Concrete expressions of visual images

A final method for re-creating in reality the mind pictures envisioned is through tangible representations of these mental events. Their physical replication increases the likelihood of manifestation a hundred fold. Again, we pose the question as to why? Imagination is one of our strongest abilities. Therefore, by transferring this power into concrete form we are physically affirming our mental and spiritual intention.



Reincarnation, the idea that our souls return to the earth to inhabit different bodies in our search for perfection is potentially a source of great help to those on the spiritual quest. Although many people pursue past life knowledge out of curiosity, there are several ways in which an understanding of our past experience can lead to growth and self-awareness.


Each intuitive has his or her own mode for giving a reading. Therefore, the information contained in this section is presented to offer a set of guidelines rather than to aggressively direct the process. Feel free to elect whatever portions of the holistic Life Readings feel comfortable to you. Then file the remainder away for future use.


Dreams, intuition, and healing are so closely interwoven that it is at times difficult to determine their boundaries. One's intuition signals when a bodily illness is about to appear. Dreams frequently supply the healing recommendations for the removal of the malady. Eventually, the healee passes this newly acquired knowledge on to others of us who are unfortunate enough to experience similar plights. This is a form of spiritual healing in the broadest sense.

The purpose of this however, is to examine spiritual healing more definitively. From a more scientific standpoint, the verification of concepts involved in spiritual healing is readily accessible for inquiring minds to acknowledge if the wells of illusion are drawn aside and the most expedient questions posed. From this vantage is possible to gather a sufficient amount of scientifically oriented evidence and examples to lend some degree of credence to a subject, which has too long been steeped in emotionality.

Life (death)

Health (illness)

Love (acceptance, approval)

Money (security)

Moral values.

Threats, real or imagines, lead to reaction:

Outright fear - terror, worry.

Anger - how dare you threaten me?

Guilt- I've not lived up to my moral values, responsibilities etc.

Depression-I don't win the threat is stronger than I.

Anxiety-I don't want to admit it's fear, so I use a less awesome word.

More abstract concepts such as forgiveness, tolerance, serenity, love, etc. require a much more complex mental process. These involve abstract universal symbols, perhaps primordial in all human beings. But, they are enhanced by conscious creative mental experiences. One can, for instance, examine consciously one's memories and beliefs related to such abstract concepts. This should be done in a state of quiet, personal reflection. Later it may help to discuss the concept with a friend or counselor.

These evaluations of human potential offer you an opportunity to compare your conscious and subconscious reactions to these broad categories of characteristics. Ultimately, only you can truly evaluate your progress. The goal is to achieve steady growth. The body mechanics of the lower back (lumbers) are also influenced by the neck (cervical) or vice versa. If a patient has examined too for it may be about of alignment. The old song about the hipbone being connected to the leg bone has lot of truth, and a force from an injury can easily ricochet from one area to another of the spine.

The energy field, which surrounds all physical bodies, is often referred to as the astral or esthetic body, perceived as the "halo" which is the electromagnetic field. This bubble of energy that surrounds each of us is influenced by our thought patterns.positively or negatively. A negative emotion (such as fear, resentment, hate) can upset the magnetic balance in the field resulting in less energy flowing into the physical body.


Oldest forms of treatment applied today, intuitively humans rub, touch, and stroke injured or painful areas of the body. Recent researches show that there is an energy "flowing" through the hands and body. The ancient Hindu and Chinese therapists had knowledge of this energy as their literature about the Chakra-system and the meridians indicates. With children it is also probably more than just the longing for comforting words and hugs from a loving mother when they run and ask that a paining part of their body be touched and rubbed. Caring mothers stroke the heads and backs of their crying babies.

There are literally thousands of healers jumping out from behind every bush throughout the world today. There are very few extraordinary healers just as there

Are very few Beethoven's, Shakespeare's, and changalls. The public needs to realize the wide spectrum of healing levels within the healing community and be able to determine the quality of healer before seeing assistance. What makes extraordinary and powerful healer? What qualities do these advanced healers have in common that they do not share with healers of less ability and how have they arrived at this high level?

The most over looked elements in the making of a healer is that he has earned this ability. It does not strike from the heavens, nor is it a result of some accident. We need to purge the bizarre from the healing act and from the public's concept of healers. This is a natural, painless, quiet, and comforting event which can result in the disappearance of large cancerous tumors, the re-growth of health tissue, bone muscle, and can return the mentally ill to a functioning life, to list only a few.

Philosophy (the words counseling and healing can be seen as interchangeable) numbers three. They are:

  1.   Physical symbology is a reflective measure of a mental and/or emotional imbalance. Therefore, the use of intuitive diagnosis as a technique for identification of the causal factors could most probably reduce by half the long arduous hours of conversation required for problem analysis. The treatment programme should be a co-operative effort between allied health professionals for the benefit of the client. Each modality of treatment has its advantages and disadvantages inherent within its discipline.
  2.   The assuming of self-responsibility for personal healing is the key to radiant physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Intuitive counseling can be served as a reference for sources of self-choices for self-healing.

In focusing on point one, it is a belief one can avoid stress completely. Our bodies are designed to respond physically whenever we are exposed to stresses regardless of their origin or strength of intensity. Our adrenal glands react by producing an abundance of adrenaline, which heightens the blood-clotting response. The pancreas pours glucose into the bloodstream to provide our bodies with additional fuel in the face of an impending crisis. Free fatty acids tend to raise the blood fat levels higher and higher. In primitive times these changes were vital in an adversary stood before us his club in hand ready to bludgeon us to death. Present day life modes dictate less stringent needs for such exaggerated physical reactions. Moreover, our sedentary life style inhibits the burning off of excess energies expended as a result of physical responses to stress. Continued stress over prolonged period is a accusatory factor in blood thickening (strokes, heart attacks), excessive glucose (diabetes), and plague build-up in the arteries (arteriosclerosis). The duration and acuteness of the disease as well as the moment of onset are reciprocally related to the current condition of the body, the age of the individual, the prospect of stress relief, and the willingness of the patient to accept responsibility for his role in the attainment of his mind-body connection to self-healing. Measures such as physical exercise, a healthy diet, vitamin supplementation, and adequate rest are of inestimable value in the prevention of illness. Disease usually strikes the body's weakest organ-however; the weakest organ usually symbolizes the emotional or mental seat of the conflict. This is where intuitive diagnosis enters in. It through The Holistic Life Reading process which encompasses physical symbology, Current issues, Future Trends, Character Analysis, past Lives, and Soul's purpose the origin of one's infirmity can be addressed then alternative self choices begin to crystallize that can affect self healing. What attitudinal posture in your career is "eating away you" through ulcers? Why do you feel suffocated by an asthma attack when being jostled by a crowd? (Were you trampled under foot in a past life?) Does chronic loss of voice though laryngitis depicts the current issue of marital subordination? Is the character trait of repressed anger continually turned inward or self reflected in the fist-like clenches of gnarled arthritis? Pinpointing the core of the conflict, acknowledging the chief characters in the strife, and receiving medical, or chiropractic natural prescription for alleviation of the physical symptoms are the first creeping steps toward wholeness. It is with the resolution of these conflict questions that the unique talents of physicians, psychologists, counselors, and chiropractors can provide invaluable insights.

Intuitive counseling and self-responsibility

There is a definite place for intuitive counseling in the healing arts. Through the medium of intuition the focal point of the client's dilemma becomes crystal clear. If within the security of the counseling relationship, the dynamics of the conic can be presented for discussion, the client is then afforded a chance to squarely confront the issues. Over the years personal Development Services Inc., has employed counseling techniques such as dream interpretation, age and past life regression, meditation, and development of intuitive skills, Holistic Life Reading information, and therapeutic group dynamics as adjunct healing tools. These have proved extraordinarily successful in the accomplishment of personal self-healing and goal-realization.

Intuitive counseling offers clients unfaltering support as well variety of self-choices. Self-assertion is a prerequisite for loosening the bonds of marital subordination. Positive visual imagery in combination with a goal oriented, physician approved plan of action can be the mental medicine for the shrinking of a cancerous tumor. Whatever the physical manifestations of the mental disharmony, the healing cloak of soul responsibility is the deciding factor.


Counseling is one of the most heart rendering professions that one can elect to pursue. It can also be (and often is) one of the most rewarding. It is the life-career to which I committed myself more than twenty years ago, when I enrolled in the Guidance and counseling program Counseling learning disabled children and adults has ultimately afforded me the rare opportunity of assembling the fragmented pieces of my client's lives, thus transforming them from academically devastated and emotionally-drained shells into educationally functioning and mentally balanced individuals. The counseling process which I utilize is not a panacea for all educational and behavioral ills, but it does seem to our clients so that at some point, through redemption and self-motivation, they arrive at a position where scholastic achievement, intellectual potential, and emotional mood variations are more in balance.

Pain in the neck :- You have often heard one of your friends remark, "Oh, Allison's a pain in the neck." There may be more truth than fiction hidden in this statement. Many of our subconscious tensions and anxieties surface as muscle spasms in various parts of our body, "Oh, my aching back," you moan when faced with a now in situation where you actually have your back to the wall.

The same principle applies to neck pains if close friends of Allison consider her "a pain in the neck", think what type of vibrations are emitted by Allison in her home situation. Therapeutic adjustments of both the neck in question and Allison are needed to remedy this situation.

Back problems: - Back problems assume two forms. Either the spine is too rigid for optimum range of motion or softness is present in the backbone that makes it painful to stand erect. These two exemplify opposite ends of the scale. Upon examination, personality of the patient with rigidity will undoubtedly prove to be inflexible, stubborn, and unbending. Those with "soft spines" are highly to take strong stands on ideas, which are emotionally threatening. Thus the expression, "Have you no back bone?"

Now that we know these colours exist in the aura, what information can be inferred about the individual when his aura "pops into view"?

•  Red- Red represents powerful energy. On the positive side, red is stimulating, energizing, and sexual. Negative equalities include anger, frustration, and lack of moderation in physical desires. Shades should be noted. Dark red suggests nervous tension. Scarlet suggests egotism. Pink is found in persons who are immature. Pink also indicates changes in growth patterns.

•  Orange- Orange is the colour of illusion associated with magic and the occult. Buddhist monks don robes of a saffron hue. Positive attributes associated with orange are thoughtfulness, self-control, endurance, and consideration. Orange is connected to creative expression. When a brownish orange emanates from the aura, laziness, or lack of ambition exists.

•  Yellow:- Yellow is the sun colour. Bright yellow projects optimism, cheerfulness, courage, self-confidence, and strength of character. It is expansive and aspiring. When Yellow is ruddy, timidity exists, redheads with a ruddy yellow in their auras exhibit inferiority complexes and indecisiveness of will. Dirty yellow reflects cowardice.

•  Green- Green in the aura reflects growth, harmony, and balance. Emerald green with a touch of blue symbolizes healing. Physicians elect to wear green and usually have an abundance of the colour in their auras. A splash of blue, in association with green, establishes trustworthiness. Negative properties concomitant with green are envy and jealousy. A lemon-green, which leans more toward yellow, shouts deceit.

•  Blue: -Blue is a highly spiritual colour. It is connected with the intellect and striving to attain a higher level of mind. Blue is also the colour of communications. Almost all shades of blue are positive, however, there are degrees of depth reflected in the intensity. Pale blue suggests struggling toward maturity. Medium blue indicates the person applies more energies than his pale blue co-worker, but the level of talent if equal. Workers who exhibit deep blue are certain of their task in life and are engaged in fulfilling it. They may be unusual and moody, but they are steadfast and spiritually minded, and almost always dedicated to service to others. Less desirable blue connotations are present when a state of depression exists either because of defective communications between self and others, or a sense of being overwhelmed by current life circumstances is present.

•  Indigo - Indigo or midnight blue has the power to draw us beyond ourselves. Traditionally, it is associated with wisdom, loyalty, piety, and saintliness. With emanations of blue coming from one's aura, the counselor can be assured this person is searching for a cause, or a religious experience. Negative characteristics of indigo are impetuosity and argumentativeness.

•  Violet or purple: - Violet and Purple are among the least common colours, therefore, distinctiveness exists. Persons with this auric colour possess a high sense of integrity and are sensitive and introspective. When too much purple exists, there is a tendency toward being overbearing. Pale violet is indicative of aloofness, indecision, and vacillation. The colours black and white deserve mention. Black either denotes mysteriousness or evil. White, which is inclusive of all colours of the rainbow, communicates innocence, purity, and centering of the chirst consciousness. Not all persons possess the ability to see and read auras. It is, however, a useful skill to cultivate due to the fact that an auric pattern broadcasts a visually descriptive representation of the client's mental and physical state of being.

The visualization Technique

The easiest and most obvious way to formulate an idea is to visualize it, to see it in your mind's eye as vividly as if it were alive. You can see with the naked eye only what already exists in the external world; in a similar way, that which you can visualize in your mind's eye already exists in the invisible realms of your mind. Any picture, which you have in your mind, is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. What you form in your imagination is as real as any part of your body. The idea and the thought are real and will one day appear in your objective world if you are faithful to your mental image.


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