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Metaphysical Healing



Metaphysical healing

Understanding the difference between what your conscious mind does and the hidden powers of your subconscious mind, chakra energizing and balancing, going into trance in one to five minutes or less, projecting your thoughts to someone else, receiving someone else's thoughts, negative spirit replacement, past life regression, healing circle, creating a psychic shield, going in a trance and finding out what physical problems someone else has, even if they are not present and you have never met them. Then knowing what they must do to improve their health, remote viewing when in trance, project yourself to someone's home and then describe it, psychometric, how to get messages and answers to your questions from your higher spiritual self, how to use pendulum to get answers from your subconscious mind, spoon bending.

Programming your life for Success

The subconscious mind has an immense power of achieving what it can conceive. Train your subconscious to focus on the positives and you'll be on your way to unparalleled success in any sphere of your life.

Confidence: The Winning Habit

Your self concept-or self esteem-is the most powerful determinant of your happiness and contentment. It is the bringing motor behind your ability to effect personal change and growth. Kamala will lead you through a journey of self-discovery, healing you to find the causes of your insecurities, many of which can be traced to how well you think, you performed on the Self Confidence. And thereby build the positive expectations and healthy self-esteem that attracts success!

Wealth, Independence & Security

Are you really willing to be wealthy? On the surface, nearly everyone will answer "Of course!" But on a deeper lever, many people are not willing to be wealthy because of pre-disposed attitudes and conditioning. Nobody can build real wealth until they've mastered its true source- the mind. You will learn to develop a prosperity consciousness, identify your wealth wounds, align money with your personal values, plant seeds in your mind for building a fortune, spot profitable opportunities, and be your own boss even if you work for somebody else.

The Mind - Body Connection

While it's generally understood that our thoughts emerge from our brains, a physical part of our bodies, what's more amazing is that the opposite is also true. Our bodies emerge from our thoughts! Positive, optimistic thoughts can strengthen and heal you. Negative thoughts can wear you down and make you ill. Although it sounds mysterious, it's not. Cailed cyber physiology, the science of mind/body communication comprises many well-documented methods of self-regulation. And anyone can master them. You will discover techniques, which can improve the quality of your health almost instantly through the counseling of Kamala.

Rekindle the Flame

Do you want to add spark to your intimate life, ignite your partner's passion and fuel the flames of love? Kamala shows you how to experience an exciting, fulfilling, and enduring life with your partner. Through her unique mixs of amusing anecdotes, personal insights and helpful advice,she reveals proven techniques for keeping your partner passionately and madly in love with you.

Putting all the pieces together

We will end our journey with a plan for the next one-month. A plan for success, happiness, and satisfaction. This will be our new beginning. A second chance. Living life from scratch. Detach ourselves from the past and look at the future. A future filled with opportunities and possibilities.


The concept of understanding human personality from someone's handwriting is beginning to be accepted world wide. One psychological aspect of handwriting not so well understood is using handwriting to assist you in changing your personality and even eradicate bad habits. The concept of "change your life" is very powerful. It is called graphy-therapy.

Unhappy, or ineffective people had in common. It doesn't matter what your goals are: growing a rose garden or winning Olympic gold, there are certain traits that support you in attaining your dreams. Knowledge and awareness alone don't seem to be enough to make the changes.

If you are single this course will fill your social calendar and make you fantasies come true. You can finally have the kind of relationship you have always wanted.

Music for meditation & Healing through Music

Amazing soundtracks induce altered mind states, intensify psychic, and cause peak experiences.

The power of mind to heal

You hold the key to physical, emotional and spiritual healing within your mind. Healing is really the simplest of matters-you heal by becoming more aware of who you are really meant to be.


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