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Gem and Cosmic Ray Therapy


Specific Gems are associated with the specific cosmic colours, which in turn, produce different effects on different individuals. The Gems are purified through ashes (bhasm) made by special AYURVEDIC (ancient Indian system of medicine) process. After studying the future of a native, She prescribes and provides with an appropriate purified precious Gem to wear. Purification of the Gem is most crucial for it removes negative effects and enhances favorable ones. Cosmic rays are thousands of times more powerful compared to x-rays and travel at an incredibly fast speed. These rays are made use of by the astrologer in distance therapy through photograph. If an individual is unable to see the astrologer in person, he/she has the option to send her a photograph. With all astrological calculations over, the individual's sufferings are removed by guiding Cosmic rays in esoteric ways over the photograph through the prescribed precious stones.


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