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September 11 th , 2001 , the day of the American apocalypse, that caught the whole world in abhorment of the estent of human evil, was a day destined to happen, as foreboded by an astrologer sitting in their quaint study Several Years before. Her challenging and somewhat startling predictions were published in all the leading dailies of North India .

Today, as she waits and watches her predictions unfold into real events, world famed astrologer Kamala discloses her predictions for the future of the world. The specialist is residing at her plush apartment in Vasant Kunj. Her labour and dedication towards the humanitarian appeal of astrology has fetched her fame and honour. Several prestigious awards have been conferred upon her of which the "very special Astrologer New Delhi" in 1996 was a stepping-stone. In the year 1999, she was honoured with doctorates in the field of applied astrology by the prestigious university. She has pioneered the practice of the combined Sciences of the Chinese art of 'Feng Shui ' with the Vedic Science of 'Vaastu Shastra' in line with the western astrological Sciences, for which she was awarded the most prestigious "Achievers of the Millenium 2000" and the "Mother Teresa Excellence Award, 2001". National Eminent Holistic Scientists Award-2002 New Delhi, Talented Ladies Award-2004, Writers Awards- 2004- 2005 by Saubhagaya Deep, Life member of international Film and T.V. Club, Asian School Of Media Studies, Nodia, Speaker in Rotary , Lions Bharat Niraman , Government and NOn- Government Organisations and Others.

After several years of research in applied Astrology, she has formulated her study based on a deep-rooted metaphysical angle of cosmic therapy incorporating the Sciences of Vaastu Shastra and 'Feng Shui' Metaphysical cosmic healing of the mind and body according to them, are alternate solutions to man's troubled gustence in today' fast paced world. Prime minister A. B. Vajpayee former Prime ministers, cabinet minister parliamentarians, film celebrities and industrialists of national and international repute have sought the consultations of Kamala and the collage of photographs adorning her study is ample Proof of her impressive clientele.

On the 31 st of July 1999 , she announced in the Hindustan Times, a startling prediction of a devastating earthquake, which was to rock Gujrat on the 26 th morning of January, 2001. In addition to the September 11 attacks that shook America , the gruesome and untimely death of bandit queen Phoolan Devi was foretold in 1998 itself. The infamous kargil war of 1999, the steep rocketing of prices of onions, potatoes and fertilizers in 1998, the Pokhran tests and Vajpayee's convency to power were but a few of the dominant news predicted on the 19 th of November, 1997 in the Agra daily news paper 'Dainik Jagaran'.

Mayawati's coming to power in the year 1997 in the elections in UP was predicted on the 18 th of September, 1996 in the Agra daily "Amar Ujala" and on the 19 th of September 1996 in Dainik Jagran. Prime minister Vajpayee's coming to power was foretoled in the year 1994 itself on 21 st October 1995, the Agra daily Dainik Jagran and Dainik Aaj' and on 22 nd October 1995, the daily 'Amar Ujala' carried an article by Kamala in which she clearly predicted the signals of Kargil war which strained Indo-Pak relations in 1999.

On 19 th November 1997 in Dainik Jagran, she had already predicted the torrential rain that was to engulf North India in September 1998.

Of her most impressive predictions were the ones she made about president Bill Clinton, then in power, and in the thick of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal of 1998. While the rest of the world saw Press. Clinton in the face of impeachment by the senate jury, Kamala wrote, on 25 th September 1998 in Dainik Jagran that Clinton would survive the impeachment trial of the sex scandal.

A Pune daily 'Maharastra Herald' dated 25 th September 1998, published an elaborate article in which the astrologer sensed the signals of war in the opening decade of the next century that was to envelope the whole of Europe, western and eastern countries of Asian subcontinent. Almost an ill omen, the ensuing solar Eclipse,she predicted, would wreak havoc in humanity, considerably terminating two communities in a war that would ensue following the cataclysmic events of September 11 th in America .

While she does not foresee any devastating world war III on the cards, she however discredit President George. W. Bush's pompous declaration of seeking bin Laden " dead on alive". Centire military curcise of America and its allies will fail to even herm Osama bin Laden who has no death written over his fate till November 2001. However, falling prey to the treacherous deals of his aides is predicted and if Laden survives this back stabbing then Kamala declares his imminent death in February, 2002.

As for Perveg Musharraf, he will meet a similar fate death by 2008. His closest associates will overthrow his regime by May 2008 during which he can lose his life. Not only Musharraf, but Pakistan will also have met with its run finally in territorially dissipated and internationally obliterated from world map. It will have by then paid a heavy price for having sheltered Osama bin laden and the Taliban from the clutches of America during the war against terrorism.

The specialist however foresees India as a winner in the future. In an article published in Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran and Dainik Aaj on 22 nd September 1995 , she sees India emerging as a spiritual leader by 2004 and by 2010 established as a super power in the Asian sub continent.

Also, by 2006, she sees the Asian countries gearing towards establishing a common currency, which will come in function in full swing by 2010.

Aids, the other terrorizing energy of mankind will have found a break through in its are by 2003 but she predicts the onset of a disease far more deadlier than aids sweeping the whole world by 2007.



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