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Internationally recognised as the who can Plan Your Destiny as per your dreams-desires. Kamala has devoted more than two decades of thorough research in evolving a synergistic concept in the field of cosmic sciences by synthesizing the principles of Indian, Western & Chinese Astrology with Numerology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Gem Therapy, Cosmic Ray Therapy and Metaphysical Healing process to promote a holistic concept of predictive sciences to plan your destiny studies, career, health, finance, love, marriage, relationship and life in its entirety.
She has also pioneered the concept of Feng Shui in India by combining it with Vaastu Shastra & Astrology to customize its universal applications to suit individual beneficiaries.

also provides guidance in scientific breathing. She has also perfected the art of predicting births through Pulse reading. All in all she has provided a scientific base to destiny reading. Her interpretations reflect scientific rational and spiritual understanding-away from Tantra-Mantra or magic of any sort.

Plan Your Destiny first established 1981 (is a registered organization under the Copyright & Trade Mark Act) was no coincidence but a confluence of sheer hard work, wide experience, strong intuition & spirituality.

Her book on Feng Shui & Vaastu Shastra was presented to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


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