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India Will Become Vishvaguru



There are various schools of psychic and mental healing and there are alternative sources of healing a person without medicine and surgery and solving the day-to-day problems of human beings by taking the help of holistic sciences. Astrology, palmistry, physiognomy and numerology are the sciences and art (art of applying these sciences properly in a positive way) which help us to know ourselves and guide us to take decisions in a right way or we can say that they help us to plan our destiny as per our own choice.

Ayurveda, homeopathy, acupressure, Acupuncture, pranic healing, Reiki, these are the systems which are different from allopathic but they heal, though not established very well, with the time these systems are again becoming very popular nowadays and helping human beings in a very big positive way. People have developed faith I these systems, these sciences and art. People have even developed faith in spirituality also to have peace in life. The luxuries and comforts, they make no doubt life easier but they don't give inner satisfaction and peace. This can only come if you look into the inner side of your life, not only in the physical world.

Astrology is the science of the influences of the planetary bodies and of the zodiacal signs. Its foundation lies strongly in Astronomy. It is a truism that the planets affect this earth and its inhabitants in numerous ways. We know this by strict observation and analogous reasoning. It is the very fact that provides the basis for a combined study of (various systems and sciences) Vaastu, Feng Shui, and Astrology.

In?ia always believe in love, devotion and sacrificing everything for the sake of humanity and the most important is that they believe that there is a God who does everything, only karma is in our hands, result is in the hands of almighty. Our faith in God and spirituality is very strong, its truth, love, humanity, and oneness of God. And this is the basis of all our occult sciences. Our life is what we think and believe. We believe that god has made human being this own form so we are part of God. Atma (soul) is part of Parmatma.
These occult sciences are part of nature and they associate and relate us to nature and develop our faith in God and the metaphysics of life. What is this metaphysics? In 1995, on 22 nd September I predicted that India will become super power in the field of spirituality and will be called Vishvaguru in 2010 (This was published in Dainik Jagran) and I am sure that this will happen one day. This mars coming close to Earth on 27 th of August 2003 will also help India to become Vishvaguru. In 1999 again in the month of July 31, Mr. Dhiraj there in H. T. City in which I answered many questions asked a full-page interview.

The first question, which is very relevant to the movie "Koi mil Gaya ". The question was, "Will we able to make contact with alien or make inter galactic travel possible." My answer was, "Yes, definitely but only after 2006. (The movie on this subject is already in the halls of India running house packed)." This is the sure sign of our predictions coming true as per the Metaphysics. I say there are other solar systems too, only there are no scientific ways of reaching them. But I believe that I will do so through metaphysical means, There is a black matter in the front brain an impenetrable barrier but I will be able to permeate this matter through our meditation (last year scientist in abroad already had proved that there is a black matter in the front brain which connects us to the cosmos and this matter is made of some very different material which is non physical, I can say that this is beyond science to know, may be known by metaphysics.

Now Ican say that what I can achieve through metaphysics can not be achieved by physics. But I can say that physics shows the way to Metaphysics and consciousness. The environment which is making India at present a developing country in spirituality will definitely make India one day the Vishvaguru. Other wise also Hinduism is a religion, which is culturally very rich and very adaptable also with many languages, many dialects, cartons, and traditions. India is a country where all the religions have full right to grow and enrich their culture and live happily in unity. I pray and bless the people of our country to really grow into adorable human beings.


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