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Her recent predictions are


In one of the leading Hindi News papers of India , "Dainik Jagran", a news was printed on 25 th Sept'. 98, the gist of which is somewhat as fallows:

The cosmic astrological Kamala prophecies propounded about an year ago are proving more correct in respect of the weather forecast and its resultant damage and harm caused than what was predicted by the weather deptt. And their relevant computers.

The world renowned Kamala who hail from Adan Bagh, Dayalbagh, Agra had already predicted in 1997 about the huge price-hike in essential eatable commodities, and the cost of gold-silver and shares will also shoot up owing to the damage caused due to untimely rains and uncertain weather.

She had, as well, forcefully predicted that our own scientists will show a new direction to our country through the media of science making the nation stronger and enhancing the prestige of India to achieve an honorable place in the world and it proved true in 1998 in the form of nuclear explosion in POKHAN.

She has occasionally offered her valuable advice to people of all walks of life including the Prime Ministers, Ministers, Politicians, Governors of States, film personalities, big business houses who consult her on various matters using her expertise and all have benefited with bright success and great prosperity.

She foretold in the year 1994 that Shri A. B. Vajpayee will become the Prime Minister of India. She had predicted six months ago about the date of release of Tada accused, film star Sanjay Dutt. Similarly her many predictions in the past about Ms Mayavati and Shri Mulayam Singh, both former Chief Ministers off the U.P. Government proved correct.

This Astrological Kamala was in high lime-light during the tenure of Shri Romesh Bhandari, Ex-Governor of U.P. Govt., who often used to invite her to Lucknow for consultation. Once Shri Romesh Bhandari specially flew to Agra (come to Agra by plane) to seek the benign blessings of Kamala.

With her extensive knowledge and vast experience, she has specialized in Feng Shui, Vaastu Shaastra, Indian, Western & Chinese Zodiac, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Scientific Breathing, Gem Therapy, Cosmic-Ray Therapy (through Photograph), Metaphysical Healing, physiognomy-to name a few.

Her recent predictions are: -

  • Mr. Bill Clinton, President of America (USA), will complete his term of office in spite of great tensions and turmoil's in the case of his illicit romance with Ms. Monica Levin sky.
  • Note: -As per latest flashes from the press, Mr. Bill Clinton has been acquitted in the trial by the Senate of USA, as such, in the light of the afore said, the predictions of Kamala has 100 per cent come true.
  • The prices of Rice, wheat, cooking gas and urea will enhance, and the recent market rates have proved if true and will continue.
  • The air-crash in February 99 also took place at..
  • In 1999 northern states of India will experience earthquakes and also land slides etc.
  • There will be uncertainty in weather in the coming years and after about 6 years there will be change of temperature in the weather. There will be no dust storm and the temperature will not rise more than 40 degree C and in winters the mercury will not come down less than 7 or 8 degree c.
  • After 2006 there will be a common currency in circulation in few Asian countries.
  • There is likelihood of war among themselves in some of the countries of western Asia and southern Asia .

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