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The Dawn of India as a Super Power


"The new millennium will welcome India as a rising super power, a force the world will have to reckon with" such was an undocumented prediction made by an astrologist Kamala way back in the year 1995. Several leading dailies Published that article. Today, when America and its powerful allies are three weeks into the senseless and barbaric act of violence against humanity in the garb of "War against Terror", Osamabin Laden and his Taliban legacy remain unscathed and their determination to seek revenge, unruffled.

While India in its own restrained manner of resisting terrorism his given several sleepless nights to the American and Pakistani Premiers, George W. Bush and Gen. Pervez Musharaf respectively.

The astrologist Kamala had also prophesied that America, at the onset of the 21 st century would come under severe attack from the fundamentalist forces and also that they would fail miserably in even causing a dent to the strength the of the Islamic terrorist forces.

George W. Bush had declared albeit pompously that the American forces would "smoke out" the terrorists from their "holes" and capture Osama bin Laden "dead or alive". But Osama and his followers are very much alive and dare to appear on the Al. Jageera T. V. Channel, to bolster the cause of the Islamic fundamentalists. The sep. 11 th 2001 attacks to day have become mute testimony to the mockery of America as a super power and the deep rooted and invincible network of Islamic terrorist forces.

Amidst several predictions and prophecies by noted astrologers having fallen flat, world renowned astrologist Kamala has emerged as prominent figure with each of her predictions based on sound reasoning and accurate planetary study, coming true.

However, her predictions have a mission and a purpose to tell the world that when religion takes the face of a crusade, it can only cause irreparable destruction to life and property. As is the case to day, between the western Christian forces various the Islamic fundamentalists. On the other hand, India , the seat of world's oldest religion Hinduism, has always believed in the religion of humanity and the path of nonviolence which is why it is and will one day emerge as a super power in the spiritual sense, on its own terms. By 2010, the world will genuflect before India , the spiritual leader. Till then, mindless acts of violence will centime to run the face of the earth.

Kamala foresees Pakistan as a country reaching its denoucement by 2008, divided and ruined and its general. Mussharraf. Assassinated. They believe, Pakistan has never learnt from its history of wars, that have a caused it nothing else but political upheaval and civilian casualty. Kamala remind as in their articles that way back in 1971, even while Pakistan was empowered with the strength of 90,000 soldiers and thousands of tons of war ammunition, it was forced to surrender to the might of the Indian Armed Forces. A war that Pakistan could have fought easily for 3 months was quashed in 14 days flat by the sheer display of examplary military prowess by the air and lend forces of the Indian Defence Systems. It also wrenched Bangladesh free from the clutches of Pakistan 's rule.

Several years of committed research in the field of astrology and applied metaphysics and the related planetary sciences have not only given Kamala, her much deserved accolades and honours, it has put her on a plane of astrology that serves a purpose towards humanity and by predicting what will come true in the future she shows us the path is plan our destiny.


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